Beautiful days

I am recently single and am enjoying beautiful days out there in the wide world of life and really it’s been super awesome waking up on weekends just doing my own thing. I definitely like to go out to the beach and take pictures at sunrise it’s probably one of the coolest things that I’ve got to do in a long time.

31 Awesome ideas to expand the capabilities of the iPhone

Not knowing all the specs of the iPhone, one can only speculate the interface and features fo the new iPhone. Here is a list of possible uses/applications.

Software Applications
1. Bar-Code Reader (Like Delicious Library)
2. Voice Recorder – PODCAST on the road
3. Video Recorder – Video PODCAST on the road
4. WiFi Finder
5. Bluetooth Finder
6. Play Music/Video wirelessly streamed to the iPhone.
7. JAVA Apps
8. Games
9. Transfer non-DRM files between other iPhones and Mac/PCs
10. Anti-theft protection (emails you automatically if the device is picked up and turned on)
11. Emulate Palm OS (with ease)
12. Run/view Office products (Gasp!)
13. Financial planner
14. Credit-Card/Checking Alert (Every time your card is used, get notified).

Hardware Add-ons

15.   GPS Interface
16.   Point of Sale Credit card System
17.   Driver License verification
18.    (check ages at a bar)
19.    (pull up police record data for law enforcement)
20.   Game controller
21.   Hands Free Carphone
22.   Bluetooth Keyboard Use
23.   Memory expansion unit
24.   Biometric verification (finger print scanner/reader)
25.   Automobile troubleshooting device/interface . (Diagnostic tool to Read/Scan Car Computers)

26. Netflix Que
27. Cheap Gas
28. Book hotels/flights/cars
29. Trade stocks
Possible undisclosed features
30. Printing (Via WiFi/Bluetooth)
31. Filesharing
32. System partitioning/use as a boot device.

A bottle of red

She was anything but plain. Her smile wasn’t something that was a simple half drawn line on a face, it was complex and changeable. You could see an inner beauty, a beautiful human being. She was someone who knew how to love and how to give.
Physically, her hair was flowing and reached around her shoulders. She had beautiful brown hair that she dyed a bright shade of red. She invoked a certain control over her own body, and this allowed her to internally know this was her personality.
But inside she was hurting, she was in love with a man who was rejecting her, her home was filled with drug users, and she was working a minimum wage job and had no transportation to escape.
There was a man who knew of her problems, and he believed he could save her. He wanted to give a small piece of his heart to her even though he knew that they would never really be.