WonderWoman and the CIS Male

I recently read and article that said WonderWoman is a role model for Women and Gay Men. And like the scratch of a needle from a record, I was like, WTF! I love WW, and she is a role model for me, a CIS male too. 

There is a universality that great heros bring to a story. Bravery, integrity, strong moral code. Sorry, just because WW is female, doesn’t mean I can’t identify with that. 

But WW takes guys like me to another place that maybe many women have been sitting thinking for so long as they watch other superhero films, where do I fit in as supporting cast? Women are given, Lois Lane, Catwoman, and myriad other love interests. 

D.C. has done well is creating a type of tension between Batman and WonderWoman that can almost be described as a moonlighting type romance (see Bruce Willis and Cybil Shepard). But for WonderWoman love is the most powerful force in the universe. It drives all the rest of the reasons for her to uplift and defend the weak.  

We know that all of the Greek gods have mortal emotions, and we watch the transformation of Diana into someone who understands her role as a mighty superhero, and that is partially because of the affect of Steve Trevor. 

I am just fine with being Steve Trevor, an imperfect male who want to see this incredible woman succeed in every way. My flaw is trying to help, for good or bad, because WonderWoman can do it herself, and in fact, it is me who benefits from her help.  

If CIS men would look at women a bit more like Wonder women, than princesses, they might see women reaching some of the highest potential rather than being pushed aside. I have an amazing mom, a total WonderWoman in her own right. I think as a guy, when you see women, strong and powerful, it only adds to who you are.

For me, I see myself as Batman, who stands in awe and in love with WonderWoman.