Moments that make you want to return to your hobbit hole. 

I’m at an awards banquet tonight, and it’s probably the last place I want to be on a Sunday night. I’m supporting cast, and I’m presenting some lame award as part of the evening events. And trust me, it’s like crazy person of the year award. 

So what happens when you lose your motivation for something you are passionate about? Sometimes you have to realize that it is just time to go. Service is an important part of what makes us have purpose. We do things that we hope will enrich the lives of others. We hope that the impact we make on organizations will be positive. And yet the forces that push back on you can push back hard. People can feel like they are battling a group of people who don’t share the same goals and dreams. And this leads to the feeling of flight. You can only fight so much before you are done beating your head up against the wall. You watch the money clubs and disappointments from moment to moment. And you know, it’s time to go. 

I believe in honor, courage and commitment. And they may be the Navy core of values. But they are what leads one to total devotion to duty and keeping with the highest tradition of being an American. When the reason for things is any but these goals, then I know, it’s time to go. 

I will retreat to my hobbit hole and have my second breakfasts and look at the things in my mantle and remember the positive times.