WonderWoman: A Love Story

So I saw WonderWoman today in IMAX 3D. I’m just going to start by saying, go see this movie. It’s outstanding!

This movie gets so much right about creating this superhero. They bring her back to her roots as a powerful being. But in this movie we learn that there is so much more to Diana Prince than a prettt smile and a bunch of toys from the gods. 

Some people were wondering about that accent. After the first 10 minutes of the movie it all makes sense. She didn’t grow up in America, she grew up on paradise island. Enough said there. 

I can’t say I have read all the comic books, but from what I can tell is that they have taken a bit from many different D.C. Incarnations and what they created is spectacular. 

The interesting thing is your level of suspension of disbelief never has to happen very much until she gets active as a superhero. But the movie isn’t about using her powers or I should say supernatural powers. It’s about who she is a human being and as a woman in society. What is she fighting for? And what? Those are the moral delimnas that we watch her face head on and overcome. 

She is everyone’s sister, or mother, or wife, or daughter, or female friend, at least the one that I would want. From my male perspective this strong woman doesn’t scare me, because I know we need equals in this world to be our mates. WonderWoman stand tall, more than equal, she is a goddess, and yet with many of the emotions of a human being. 

Empathy and love go hand in hand. This story will take you on a journey. The lessons of why we do things come up over and over again. We do them for the right reasons, and no surprise we see WonderWoman fighting for justice, and the most transformative moment in this movie will probably bring you to tears. 

Go see this movie, its an intense ride of your life that will make you fall in love with WonderWoman all over again.