iPhone Software 4.0, A no brainer!

Ok, so iPhone OS 4.0 is going to be announced this week! Can I get a resounding Woo Woo!

What do I want to see? Well it’s pretty obvious:

Multitasking. I don’t want to exit Pandora because I want to check some email… Jeeze! I think we should at least be able to have 2 or 3 apps run simultaneously. I can understand if there is a limit.
Better App Navigation. For those who only have 30 Apps, well, this doesn’t apply to you. For those of you and you know who I’m talking about; you are laughing and crying with 11 pages… you need much much more. But you know, the pages thing kinda sucks, I’d rather have a most frequently used page, and be able to navigate using some sort of hierarchal method.
Printing. Yeah, it would be WiFi based, but with a home network, wouldn’t it be great if it could find a printer and send the job out, especially for the iPad.
Better integration of Mobile Me, so when a family of people who all have their own accounts want to share music or Apps, they don’t have to just have one account and sync multiple devices, rather that App or music (DRM) is considered purchase for all of the account holders under that family plan.
I don’t think I’m asking for too much. I think we’ll see at least one of those things, but I won’t hold my breathe. Let me know what you think. The announcement can’t come too soon, huh! 🙂