Going green for Iran

I wrote this a while ago when the Iran stuff was going on, and I can see with hindsight that green avatars were a flash in the pan.

Are you Green for Iran? Well, I’m with you in spirit, but I’m not changing my avatar. And why not may you ask? First off, symbols like this lose their meaning or even worse don’t really have meaning when you think about it. What does it really mean that you are changing your color to green or you believe that the elections in Iran were totally fraudulent?

Hey, There was fraud in Iran, better change my avatar to green! That’ll show ’em.

Do you really think that the Mullahs and other religious spiritual leaders in Iran give a fuck about Twitter or whatever social network you are on, and the color of your avatar? You don’t live there, you’re not volunteering to take up arms against this “fraudulent” government, you’re not willing to do anything but send a condolence card by way of a watermarked ICON.

Sorry but I call BULLSHIT!

Do you want change in Iran? First off why? Are you convinced that a regime change might change their Nuclear Weapons development program to a screeching halt? Do you think that this country is a true democracy that is being denied majority rule? What is your angle?

Point me to a website with your view, because I don’t really know what YOU stand for.

How long will you be green? Until the next folly comes to Twitter perhaps? You know where we need to change Healthcare, Climate Change, Gay Rights in the US, better health care for our wounded vets?

OK, turning green brings awareness, but it’s like carrying coal to Newcastle. (you can look that analogy up). The Twitter audience is keenly aware of many things, and they are the people that need to used for a call to action rather than call for awareness.

Do you want to have a call to action, then what will you do?

Write letters to world leaders that could influence the Muslim world particularly in Iran.
Tell Oil companies not to buy their oil from Iran until t