Thanksgiving 2017

Did you survive? You know what I mean, family, cooking, a day off of work for most, and shopping for those of you brave or crazy enough.

I had a nice thanksgiving, started with running a 5K. We worried that it was going to rain but weather held out and it was a wonderful run with just a light sprinkle in the middle of the run. I don’t know that I think that running before Thanksgiving makes me feel like I can totally indulge but it certainly makes me feel better at the end of the day regardless of how much I eat.

Thankful for Moms

I think that a lot of people will set around the table and talk about all the things that they are thankful for but one thing that seems to be a little bit remiss in my mind is thinking all the moms out there and grandmothers as well. These are the unsung heroes of Thanksgiving. Without moms and grandmothers who is cooking all of these savory dishes that remind you of home.

I was not home this year for Thanksgiving. But my mom particularly puts out a wonderful array of dishes that everyone knows is her signature of the holiday. So for me not being home I totally missed out on some of the best eats that I know of.

However I did get to go to a family’s home that I was invited to, and I really was treated to some great food and got to watch another family and see their traditions during this holiday.

for the most part Thanksgiving is a great nondenominational holiday that everybody here in America can celebrate regardless of your background and just consider the idea of being thankful for one day for something and for that I think it is a really great American holiday.

Certainly people can make things religious or political but at the end of the day we are very lucky if we have a roof over our head and warm food in our stomach and people that we can call family. Not everybody is so lucky not even here in this country as much as we would like to believe. I think that’s the reason why we still want to bring people up help people out and always strive to do the right thing to help everybody.

I know that not every day will be a day of Thanksgiving and it is too bad that we have to go another 365 days until people come together in the same way again. There are plenty of other holidays both religious and secular but none quite as inclusive has Thanksgiving. Hopefully this is the kind spirit that we can push forward throughout the year, and work together for positive change in this world.

But mostly we should be thankful for our family and our moms and our grandmothers who help us to remember why all of this is so important.