Meaning of Life part II

So I said that there is no “real meaning of life”. And this is the struggle that people have had since the beginning of time.

Religion seems to solve the problem very nicely by letting us know, there is a creator and we are his creations with responsibilities that he has placed upon us.

Simple, straightforward, and we don’t need more to know to have fulfillment. But for some of us we do. What if we move that feeling of creation inside our own being, and take some responsibility for life? These external and internal forces seem to clash but the spark of creation exists inside all of us, doesn’t it. The most amazing thing we have is emotions and the ability to Love.

I think that without the complexity of our ability to Love it would be easy to write the purpose of life off as us being a random set of particles and atoms that have formed and are at a place in the universe for a limited time and in a blink of an eye we will be gone.

But we have Love. What else has this special bond, special emotion? People will die for love, they will do so much and some people may never receive it. We are not tools just to make money, or build things. We procreate. We form friendships and love interests and have bonds.

Our problems in this world seem small when you think that the singular purpose is to love. And anything but is the antithesis of it. War, hate, destruction, and fear are all what keeps us focused on the road to love and righteousness.

I don’t think people can really survive without love. And that’s why I think it is the meaning of life. Sure you need food and water, but the emotional aspect of love is what makes a person whole. Without it, we are hollow shells. Because love matters, people matter.

To live in a world without love is really not living at all.