Guns, safety, and Freedom

Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety. – Benjamin Franklin

What liberty is he talking about? Some thoughts that might take you down a rabbit hole are found here.

But is having 2nd amendment rights to guns something that provides liberty or safety in our world today?

The answer is startling that we say the solution to the shooting in Las Vegas is more surveillance and more police.

What is liberty? To not fear he intrusiveness of the government in our daily lives? Or the ability to purchase any weapon of opportunity?

The 2017 reality is that the government can respond, but it can’t keep us safe from crazy people.

So there is this argument; Hitler took the guns away from the people. Don’t believe it. In fact he relaxed much of the gun laws in Germany. Hitler and guns –

Why can’t we have a conversation about responsible gun ownership? I understand wanting to own a gun for self protection, but where is the need for the weapons that the shooter in Las Vegas to be made available to anyone?

If we aren’t looking to curb gun violence, we just may be asking for extreme government surveillance as the tax to keep our guns, and that’s not a tax I’m willing to pay.