This AM was my 4th day in a row of doing some sort of exercise. Started Tuesday with a 5K in the evening. Then another on on Wednesday. Yesterday I swam at the pool a few laps (boy that was hard) and today was my beach cross fit thing. 

So yay! I worked out. But honestly, I still feel so out of shape.  I like running because I can gauge my progress by watching my pace. It’s not about being competitive with anyone else except myself. I don’t want to be out of breathe so easily. I want to be able to have the stamina to go the distance. 

It’s not about washboard abs or anything like that. It’s about being able to touch your toes. It’s about being able to not see your belly, but your business. 

I know that weight is a struggle.

 It’s a struggle for everyone.

 You hit 18 and then life changes. Have kids, a spouse or just a busy life and exercise and diet can quickly fly out the window. But how do you change yourself and get to where you want to be? We set goals and for good or bad, fitness goals lose out in time management. Deadlines loom and making time for ourself becomes the first thrilling killed. Laying on the couch becomes more desireable. I know, I’m a victim of the carnivorous couch that gobbles up it’s relaxing victims whole. 
The best thing to help with staying active is have workout partners and accountability friends to keep you motivated. 

The struggle is real, but we can struggle together. 

Sometimes it’s having friends to remind us that we can do it, that provide encouragement are what’s important. And they can provide some smack talk along the way to remind us to get our butts in gear. 

So don’t give up on your fitness goals, because fitness is more than just how much you weigh, it’s strength, it’s core, it’s flexibility.