Love, High School and Reunions

Recently I attended my 30th Year high school reunion.  And if you are like many people who attend these sort of things, you wonder about people and how they are doing, and what became of different people.  In my case, I knew of a lot of people, but I didn’t really know a lot of people.  Events like these can create new friends from existing classmates.  You find out all of the one off friendships that you probably missed out.  Sometimes that’s a great start for creating new friendship, and it’s a great thing.

So I’ll be honest, I was hoping to make a connection with someone.  Looking for that available person who I might be able to hit it off with.  Alas, that just wasn’t going to happen.  I’m disappointed because I feel like it’s me.  I really believe that sharing this formidable years together growing up means we share a common basis for long lasting friendships.  And while I have that, all of the other things that seem to prevent me from having longer term relationships start to kick in.  Typical things, like this one smokes, or this person doesn’t take care of themself, or simply just not being attracted to someone.

But then what about love.  So a few of my High School crushes were there.  One was single and one was married, and I danced with them both.  I think it was a great time and wasn’t weird at all.  But the way I feel today about my crushes today is so different than 34 years ago.  I guess I resigned myself to let go.  I don’t know if I released them or me from my head.  It doesn’t mean I don’t want a friendship, but I don’t feel like I’m in love, as if there is some great possiblities.  I see great friendships, and that’s good, but love. I’ve never felt it change in my head before like it did in just the last few days.  I suppose it’s similar to what happened with me and my ex wife.  Great friends, but the romantic connection is gone.  I grieve a little bit in a way, because I did love romantically, even if it has always been unrequited.

In some cases I may never know how some people feel.  Some people resign or repress their feelings, because they are stuck in the place they are in, and we take these things to our graves.  I wonder what it would be like if someone told me the loved me, but said, take the knowledge of my love, even though I can not act upon it.  Would that sustain you, or make one fight hard for love?  Or maybe you don’t have to fight for it as long as you aren’t cut off from communication, because that would be the worst.

So the next day I was supposed to do things with many different people, and I was ghosted.  I made calls and sent texts, and not responses, from anyone.  I was sad.  Here I am with nothing to do, and I just wanted to hang out with friends.  I started to wonder, can you really go home again? I don’t know.  I’m torn between what was a wonderful get together of friends and classmates, and still being alone in the world.  Tomorrow I will return to my other life, with a completely different set of friends and colleagues, and I will continue my pursuit of normalcy.  But had I had a life altering experience, I would have considered setting things in motion to completely transform my life.